Friday, June 28, 2013

Norton Waterstone Woodworker Package

Norton Waterstone Woodworker Package

Product Description

This package contains the four most used waterstone grits for sharpening & maintaining the edge on woodworking tools plus the flattening stone to keep the waterstones flat. The package also has the "The Sharpening Woodworking Tools" DVD plus Norton waterstone sharpening instructions.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #127456 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Norton Abrasives - St. Gobain


  • Package includes; 1 ea - Norton 220/1000 grit combination Waterstone.
  • 1 ea - 4000/8000 grit combination Waterstone, 1 ea flattening stone
  • 1 ea. Sharpening Woodworking Tools DVD (26 minutes).
  • Set of Norton Waterstone instructions. and Waterstone tray
  • Total price purchased separately $164.99 - SAVE $30.00